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Sinn4u's Ryona and Gore Directory

An introduction to the world of ryona and gore art. The most famous artists, their sites and most popular and constantly requested pieces on the likes of gurochan.

Most Requested


Quite alot of effort is going into creating this directory, please do not repost it without permission.
Hope you enjoy.

We will be updating this directory when we can but at present it is a work in progress. 
- sinn, apoc 


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Artists, Sites & Info

[Image: 61cff059787071.gif][Image: a4612e136096591.jpg][Image: 7ee6d1136096612.jpg]
The artist known as Faith is probably best known for his brilliant Return to Last Savepoint Sets based on the game Ragnorak Online. He has also released many chapters in Anthology, Moog and Plum FE and released two major tankobons of his works; Steel Maiden and Ero-Guro. I believe I have a complete collection of all his works and will share them here in time.

[Image: e6caac122504670.jpg][Image: 7a68ae136096621.jpg][Image: 59414f136096623.jpg]
Known now by the names Beaver and tehDave he is likely most famous to the guro/hentai community for his works under his past monicker, Scribblekid. His works are instantly recognizable for their colourful mix of anime and western styles. Creator of the online comics Chugworth Academy and Boss Noodle, he has been open to gore and ryona commissions for along time and has a huge back catalogue of dark ryona/gore works. He is currently working on the agentbabe fatality series, Angels-Corps. - OPEN TO COMMISSIONS - .

Brun Rouge
[Image: 6bd100122504671.jpg][Image: c329fe136096625.jpg][Image: 0b8017136096626.jpg]
A fantastic ryona artist from Japan.

[Image: 355e46122504672.jpg][Image: c0273e136096631.jpg][Image: 130276136098824.jpg]
Instantly recognizable style, has a fondness for stomach punishments.

Black Division and DLC
[Image: 6b3cc4122504674.jpg][Image: f20a7b136096637.jpg][Image: 5decce136096638.jpg]
Both these pixiv artists have some awesome work, alisa from godeater being a prime target of both.

[Image: 694216122504677.jpg][Image: 517bdf136096642.jpg][Image: 8a2a05136096646.jpg]
Ayaswan is a regular on gurochan and has his own thread in the art section of the board. His works are often incredibly gory and involve decapitation and brain fucking.

[Image: 491580122504679.jpg][Image: 23814c136096650.jpg][Image: a791c1136096663.jpg]
Tsurugi is a relative newcomer to the gore scene, first appearing on gurochan with some awesome bleach and naruto pieces, he won the award for most gurolicious entry in the Vesperia Vengeance contest run by myself and Sinn and has since opened up an account on hentai foundry. OPEN TO COMMISSIONS -

[Image: f2f935122504680.jpg][Image: 16a22f136096671.jpg][Image: bbe0e4136096676.jpg]
The artist known as BlueSyndrome is a mighty difficult one to find, best known for his Ninja Dependence series based on Naruto his back catalogue of work is spread out across the web after his sites gallery became trimmed considerably. I have a lot of work that I accredit to blue syndrome that I will share but am unsure if all is actually his.

[Image: 62ae3a122504681.jpg][Image: 171121136096678.jpg][Image: 48b81c136096680.jpg]
The creator of Legend of Kuchisake and Magic Fantasy doujins. I-Rabi’s works are wonderful tales of an unstoppable demonic antagonist defeating heroines left right and centre. He also has a ryona series called Collision CB Fighting.

[Image: 580897122504686.jpg][Image: a0ce35136096685.jpg][Image: 8cb50a136096701.jpg]
A Russian artist with a distinctive facial style, has his own thread in the gurochan art section and a hentaifoundry page with gore work.

[Image: a24d8a136098792.jpg][Image: 99265e136098802.jpg][Image: ed1736136098798.jpg]
Professional Japanese guro artist, best known for his ultra-violent, ninja-themed original series "Gore Gore Mask". Has been active for at least a decade and continues to sell comics via the internet. His work is difficult to get outside of Japan, but a limited number of his doujins have been translated into English over at Gurochan.

[Image: 345ce1136098803.jpg][Image: 9a370d136098805.jpg][Image: 553f6f136098806.jpg]
Professional Japanese guro artist and early web pioneer. His website is still available, but hasn't been updated in quite some time.

[Image: 2e041b136098813.jpg][Image: ee0aed136098817.jpg][Image: add57a136098821.jpg]
Recently opened a pixiv account and is slowly adding his works. Poke has posted near all his known comic page ryona works on oekakibbs over the last year, featuring lili from tekken, jill valentine. Mai shirinui and final fantasy x’s Yuna.

Hiroaki Samura
[Image: 4c2432149716613.jpg][Image: dae7f8149716618.jpg][Image: 08cc6b149716624.jpg]
Hiroaki is a professional Japanese writer/illustrator and creator of the hugely succesful manga series Blade of the Immortal (which also got adapted into an anime), as well as several other short works. He has quite a big body of ero guro work and has an ero guro book out also.

Authors, Sites & Info
- Depravity Repository -
Home to some of the best authors in the ryona/guro/snuff genres -
- - JayDee

Shameless plug…

- (stories)
Collaborative commissioners and contest runners for four sets of dark, gore/game-over/ryona works. Most is supplementary artwork to stories written by apoc of sinn4u, and contest winning entries run by Sinn4u.

ToV: Requiem
- in progress

Sodia of the game Tales of Vesperia, a minor character to a great game that became the sinn4u prime target, beginning as a character that deserved punishment for her actions in the game she thus became the subject of the sinn4u punishment themed contest Vesperia Vengeance, after a pre-contest picture set was commissioned to raise references for the contest she became the recognizable character of sinn4u as no other adult work had been done of her and any pic of her since then has always had sinn4u behind it whether as commissioners, authors or for contests.

Dark Genesis

Starting as a gameover themed contest for resident evil starring Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield, the Dark Genesis Set was born from the fantastic entry by the gmod/photoshop artist, Urbanator. The set since became supplementary artwork by Urbanator to a dark horror fanfic written by Apoc of Sinn4u starring Jill Valentine of ResEvil and Kiera Stokes of Fear2 losing against the biggest Badz of Survival Horror; Nemesis and AlmaWade.

Enoki Shigeru
-in progress

Having been huge fans of Scribblekid/tehDave for years, apoc jumped at the chance of being involved with him when, now under the moniker of Beaver, he showed up on gurochan pitching his new project, Angels-Corps. In it from its inception, sinn4u negotiated with Beaver on the creation of an exclusive character to us, we thus created the Vanguard and former Yakuza henchman, Enoki Shigeru and birthed an arc of revenge for him with our favourite angel, Silver, being his prime target, someone who we'd finally have him get in the chapter, Assassination. Before this however we have done one shots and gallery pieces of shigeru taking out other angels whilst he works his way toward confronting the angel of his desired vengeance. So far he's officially killed Nutmeg and in the gallery been responsible for the gruesome deaths of Coral and Strawberry and a chemical plant, non arc piece of silver and the piece ofsilver taking his left eye and setting up the arc.

Sinn4u Tales
- in progress
Supplementary artwork and covers to fanfics and short paragraphs of death by apoc.


[Image: 087bde122504693.jpg]
(To create a pixiv account you can either open two tabs - one with the google translator on and the other without - fill in the fields on the Japanese one by following the translated tab one - Note, you can’t fill it out if the translator is on, it must be filled out on the original Japanese page…or you can follow this guide - . ) - ash-eup - Iken - targa - kometaki - bula - monikano - me ten - shuko - Aka ume - momo II - Akiyofuzai - chitose purin - Akutagawa tora no kai - kiriya - HideeNop - Sabaku chitai - Nu~tsu koru - Chugoku tsukue-ki neko - Buchime - Haruki - shimo - taro - Ni ~you - Nan pu - null - hyton - Shinshi - hun - samu wan - beast anime - yoshitura - Henriku - Kyono aki - Hata ori - vixen - Po ko nya n - bhm - oneliner -mahoushoujo ai - Hai gomi

Most Requested
Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine
[Image: 7964da124762208.jpg]

Hentai-Game Ryona/Death Cg
[Image: cdc1d0149724709.jpg]
- coming soon

Manga-Shorts/One Shots.
[Image: 289186149723814.jpg]
This oneshot of Lightning from FFXIII having her spine torn out was originally posted on oekakibbs ryona board by ヒポポタマリン (Hipopotamarin) he is not on pixiv or any site like that. He posted this one page on oekakibbs and ryonaikusei, there are no more and he has no gallery anywhere.. This does not however stop folk from requesting MOAR at least once every couple weeks.

[Image: 52e118173302986.jpg][Image: 78b171173302991.jpg] [Image: 601403173302999.jpg][Image: fb0471173303004.jpg][Image: 2fd60e173302978.jpg]
Seemingly since the dawn of gurochan this short doujin featuring heroines from sailormoon being killed has been requested over and over and to this day the source is still unknown.

Artist Collections

Faith’s Bloody Online Complete.
- - This set is only the works for his Bloody Online series compiled from moog,plumfe and the tankobons. In the gallery description are links to both tankobons, EroGuro and SteelMaiden. Will upload the complete Return to Last Savepoint set at a later date.
[Image: 9b419d150027798.jpg]

BlueSyndromes non Ninja Dependence works.
- This set is only the works that can be put under the ryona/guro category-his pornz and loli works will not be posted in this directory.
NinjaDependence series linked in gallery description.
[Image: 1eabe4149990080.jpg]
(you will need a free E-Hentai account to view this gallery)

Scribblekid/TehDave/Beavers non angels-corps works.

- This set is only the works that can be put under the ryona/guro category-his pornz and loli works will not be posted in this directory.
[Image: c51d6e146220280.jpg]
(you will need a free E-Hentai account to view this gallery)

Good ryona/humiliation doujinshi
Billion Fight [English][Psycho] -
Ninja Dependence 1 [BlueSyndrome]-
Legend of Kuchisake [I-rabi] -
Tenraku no Ikusa Megami (Street Fighter)[Akiyama Kougyou (Mikazuki Shikou)] -
Ryou Ki no Hora [English][FUKE] -

Video Compilations

Sinn4u's introductory highlight collections to ryona games and anime.

Horror Videogame Ryona!!

- gameovers and death scenes from horror games.
 - resevil series, silent hill, haunting ground, fear, avp etc

Fighting Videogame Ryona!!
- in progress
- fatalaties, critical finishes and brutal moves in fighting games.
- mk9, soulcalibur4, tekken6, ninatekkenvid, ninjagaiden, street fighter.

Action Videogame Death!!
- in progress
- death scenes from action games.
-halo, wet, mass effect 2, heavy rain, tenchu, ninetyninenights.

Anime Death!!
- in progress
- death scenes from hentai and anime.
- mahou shoujo ai, himekishi lilia, Kara no kyouki, noloty, 11eyes, ga rei zero, ikkitousen, legend of lemnear, ghost in the shell, claymore, Basilisk, Mnemosyne, gantz, fate stay night, needless, elfin lied, steel angel kurumi, toaru majutsu, blue gender, genocyber, Urotsukidoji, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.

Anime Ryona!!
- in progress
- ryona from hentai and anime.
-street fighter chun li/cammy, mahou shoujo ai, noloty, ikkitousen, Mnemosyne, berzerk.

Youtube Channels
TheCcav -
Mortal Kombat fatalites galore.
Jun2009r -
Splitryona -
Various fighting and horror game ryona.


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