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Intro to Ryona/Gore

Confessions of a Ryona and Gore Appreciator

We supposedly live in a society that is based on tolerance. We're taught to respect that people are individuals and have their own preferences, we know that people should be free to the point of not bringing harm or forcing their ideals unto others, we know how hate is hurtful and a disease our species should eradicate. We also know that fear hides within not understanding others and the response such incomprehension brings is often intolerent and pompously righteous.

Though intolerence usually spews between religious and political views, a major divider of our race is what turns people on, their sexual preferences. Now,  there are only a few preferences to us humans; opposite sex, same sex or animal. And so it is to fetishes where our preferences are refined and there are many, beyond count. They can be complex, simple, mix and matched. An individual will likely have many preferences. Myself, i like women, preferably aged between 18-38. I'm not fond of vastly overweight or skinny, i don't have any major preference in breast sizes (not too big though), or hair colors, i'm attracted to women with free spirits, open minds and intelligence. I like legs and ass but have serious disdain toward vain and vapid girls who are obsessed with material things, those really turn me off. I think i'm fair normal in this aspect, i have had a few long lasting relationships in the past and have been in a very good one for two years now. So, i'm straight...never had a sexual thought toward anything to the contrary. Fetish-wise though i'm very into uniforms and my lady wearing lingerie and feeling sexy. Partial nudity and stockings rock my world. 

However and here is what my blog is all about. On top of these fetishes, we have fantasies, things that are unattainable and absurd and yet turn us on. I like hentai and amidst that- tentacles, chicks in uniforms, strong heroines etc but it is to works in the realms of ryona and gore that dominates my preferences in this medium. What is ryona? Well to me it is a sadistic liking of heroines from anime, manga and computer games being defeated in a violent manner. Others may have different ideas to its meaning but its the one term, after near 13 years of exploring, that fits best i think.

With fetishes and fantasies, I don't know how you control those, what triggers them. Why do people watch tragedies if they know they'll cry, because they get enjoyment out of it, no? And with comedies, to laugh? Why do some guyz like cock? Or chicks, pussy? Or chicks with cock (futanari)? Some like feet, some shit (scat), some even like trees(dendraphilia haha), others get their turn on by getting into dangerous situations.We are rightfully, as a species, intolerant toward those whose fetishes target and affect our young (paedophilia), (those who like images of childlike cutesy anime/manga characters (loli) often get labeled paedophiles even though their fetish has nothing to do with real-life children, but i guess loli is amoungst a paedo's fetishs so its a tough break they just gotta live with) as the young need protected until they grow to adulthood. Many are sadly still intolerent of homosexuality and some simple minded folk still think skin color has huge relevance on an individual.

And thats the thing isn't it. For some people, if it's not what they personally know and like then it is wrong and needs their attention to say how wrong it is.

Well, some readers of this may think it wrong along with many other things, i'm not asking you to like it, i'm writing this to hopefully give you folk some understanding of it. I know there are many out there who do like it, you just need type ryona into youtube to see that, or see the huge aount of traffic at gurochan, so this is kind of for them too. Further writings are going to delve and be a kind of an introduction to the genre, highlighting artists and popular works. 

And so, Ryona/Gore. For so long, I had believed “guro” to be the term that defined this dark fetish, it was definitely the search word most used to find such works. But that term, or more specifically the term ero-guro, puts its focus on eroticism, sexual corruption and decadence and is often used incorrectly to mean "gore"—depictions of horror, blood, and guts. In actuality the guro meaning "grotesque" term is implied to mean malformed, unnatural or horrific works. Wikipedia adds that items that are pornographic and bloody are not necessarily guro, and guro is not necessarily pornographic or bloody. And thus it seems an umbrella term of many fetishes, the likes of scat,  freakish malformations, jussou and now by gurochans reckoning, furry, falling under its usage. So I can’t just say any more I like guro.

And so no, it is not guro that appeals to this writer, for i have no liking for the likes of scat, furry or jussou. This is an exploration of ryona; the strange arousal caused by viewing and reading of art and literary works under the genres of gore/ryona/peril/death - anime/manga/games artwork.

Now, why like this? Well personally I find it fresh and exciting, my eyes widen when i see it and i get an adrenalin rush of sorts. I know it to be a dark sadistic fetish. Yet i get possesed by a shadowed desire of the feelings I get when i see it and how they take a hold of me, I don't want them to die and yet there they are, in agonizing pain and i'm powerless to stop it from happening, transfixed like a deer in headlights…and for some reason, beyond my understanding, seeing a character i'm attracted to be taken out in a violent manner fills me with an adrenalin fuelled dread that is sensually appealing to me.

If it's well drawn, the likes of Faith, BrunRouge and scribblekidd…or like resident evil/mahou shoujo ai…anime/videogame violence and bloodshed…it just takes a strange bewitching hold of me and i get a sorta nervous rush of wonderment at the audacity, the creativity, the dark imagination involved. I find it unique and though I have no desires toward death or violence toward others for real (aside of course for elite internationalist, racist or ned scum but those are feelings of hatred rather than to get me off heh), i find it fascinating every time I witness this artistic form.

If it is done well and emotive it really gets me no matter the manner in which they die. Though I think for me personally seeing strong characters fail, especially against big monsters or overwhelmed by a group of tough enemies or just utterly beaten down and utterly defeated and abused from being so strong, proud and cool, well it gives me this nervous adrenalin like rush of worry, dread and some slight sadness that i find, sensually, unbelievably arousing, i don't know why all in my being reacts so, but it does.

I have no fondness for real violence toward women, to my girlfriends great relief, only anime, manga and videogame heroines seem to do it for me. I guess my preference is when strong fearless heroines become terrified in the face or course of brutal defeat and degradation and after death they are humiliated further through triumphant win poses by their enemy in either a sexually abusing or further corpse destroying nature. My mind screams at me that I should be appalled by such a thing but like a train wreck, I can‘t look away and it totally gets me high on endorphines.

As a writer and producer of artworks, I want a reaction out of an audience with the death of a character, the no bounds of imagination in such works in my directory have many a time given me inspiration to write creative, memorable, shocking and essentially gripping deaths for characters who deserve more than a boring "ack i've been stabbed" exit.”

Am I ashamed to like this? Well no, not really, I think it preferable to liking an inanimate object or a strange part of someones body or someone of the opposite sex, I think that‘d be far more awkward to deal with in todays society and difficult to enjoy. I’m fairly open about liking anime/game ryona and death and I think everyone has side fetishes, if you really push on someone arguing against your fetish you usually find the person calling you weird has something that sickens you in return. At the end of the day, this fetish is so fantasy and restricted to the mind, add in that it doesn’t involve living things, it is way more harmless than near every other fantasy out there.

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